Profi-Lam Accessories for id badge

Promotional Lanyard Models

We have been producing promotional lanyards since 1998. Our lanyards can be used for ID badges, keys or mobile phones. We offer woven flat or tunnel lanyards, 10, 12, 15 or 20 mm wide, in wide range of colours, with or without company LOGO print.
Our offer includes tasteful budget versions for one-time events and products for clients interested in quality and durability. We specialise in non-standard products and short deadlines.

  • Model 1

    * Can be used for ID badges, keys or mobile phones
    * 10-25 mm wide ribbons with full-colour print
    * Plain lanyards available at all times

  • Model 1.1

    Parameters as in Model 1. Soft and user-friendly textile. With a strap for ID badges and holders with oblong holes.  All basic colours available.

  • Model-2

    Parameters as in Model 1 . Equipped with a string attachment for mobile phones. Print possible on all kinds of tunnel lanyards. No metal elements.

  • Model-3

    10 mm woven lanyards with a karabiner or other clasp of your choice. Full-colour sublimation print possible . Made of flat even surface ribbon of good quality.

  • Model 3.1

    10 mm wide lanyards with a simple steel karabiner or an ID badge strap.  All basic colours available. Standard folded length: 43 cm.

  • Model-4

    Promotional lanyards made of 10, 15 or 20 mm woven ribbon. Matt surface for plain lanyards or sateen for lanyards. With sublimation print. Equipped with a plastic breakaway buckle.

  • Model-5
    Smycz reklamowa Model-5

    10, 15 or 20 mm woven lanyard. With a plastic breakaway buckle and a mobile phone strap.

  • Model-6

    Parameters as in Model 4. Sublimation or screen print possible on all woven lanyards. With a chrome-plated karabiner.

  • Model-7

    4 mm Ø rope lanyards with a plastic and metal connector. Finished with a karabiner or a strap. The cheapest of all models in the offer. Black and navy blue available at all times. Other colours available on request.

  • Model-8

    Plastic breakaway buckle. Opens when pulled firmly. Can be used with 10, 15 and 20 mm lanyards.