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Banknote Detectors & UV lamps

Our high quality banknote testers detect falsified banknotes and documents. Our offer includes both stationary and portable devices.

  • DL-07 Banknote Detector
    Tester banknotów DL-07

    4W UV Fluorescent Tube with Traditional Torch. AA battery operated. Equipped with a clip. Dimensions: 162x54x25 mm.

    Price: for 1 pcs 11,00 
  • DL-102 Banknote Detector
    Tester banknotów DL-102

    6W UV fluorescent tube. Wide device with a safety guard. Dimensions: 240x125x70 mm.

    Price: for 1 pcs 17,00 
  • DL-105 Banknote Detector
    Tester do banknotów DL-105

    4W UV fluorescent tubes. The most popular model. Dimensions: 180x120x76 mm.

    Price: for 1 pcs – 31,00 
  • DL-109 Banknote Detector

    Banknote detectors with 2 high power fluorescent tubes: 11 W UV and 6W white for checking watermarks. The power allows the tester to be used in all external conditions.  A professional model used by banks. Dimensions: 280x140x145 mm.

    Price: for 1 pcs 31,00 
  • DL-1011 Banknote Detector
    Tester do banknotów DL-1011

    3-function detector. 9W UV fluorescent tube for elements visible in UV light. 4W white fluorescent tube for watermarks. Magnifying glass for microprints. Dimensions: 200x120x160 mm.

    Price: for 1 pcs 33,00 
  • MD-328 Banknote Detector
    Tester MD328

    3-function banknote detector. 9W UV fluorescent tube for elements visible in UV light . 4W white fluorescent lamp for watermarks. Magnifying glass for microprints.

    Price: for 1 pcs 33,00 
  • UV Marker
    Tajnopis tester uv

    A special marker for UV visible writing.

    Price: for 1 pcs 3,00 

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